Year 5 – Autumn Term

We have had a very busy first term in Year 5. Here are some of our highlights …



Minecraft Maths – We built shapes in the ground and used calculations to find out their area and perimeter.

Perimeter = The space around the shape.

Area = The space inside the shape.




We have used Talk For Writing to learn a persuasive letter off by heart. This has enabled us to learn the grammatical structure of a persuasive letter, which will be a huge help when we write a letter to KP Snacks!



We have used Newton-meters to measure the weight of objects around the classroom. Even though we usually think of weight as being measured in grams, it is a force that we can measure in newtons (N).

img_1316 img_1315

For our previous topic, Changing States, we learned about reversible and irreversible changes. We made butter by shaking a jar of cream until butter formed in the middle, and we made toast, which is an irreversible change.

Groovy Greeks


We rounded off our topic on the Ancient Greeks with a feast! Pitta bread with hummus was a big favourite.



Children In Need 2016

img_1266 img_1246

Brushing up on our skills with an ex-Newcastle football player for Show Racism The Red Car.



Planting bulbs to grow in our community.


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2 thoughts on “Year 5 – Autumn Term

  1. Katie

    I love doing all of these fun things in class with all of my friends! It was really fun. My favourite part was going into the woods and planting bulbs, but the only part I didn’t like is when I stung my arm on a thistle.


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