Hello, my name is Harry and i will be showing you how to use clip art

1.  Log on to the tanfield lea primary school blog

2. Log on to wp clip art

3. Go on the first thing that is wp clip art home page

4. Click on the yellow box that says search image and search an image

5. Click edit image

6. You will find a long link and then you highlight the link and then left click on the mouse and select copy

7. Go back to tanfield lea primary school blog go on the little box that says img and then paste your link into the box

8. Add your description in the box

9. Go on visual and your image will be there

And that is how you clip art,  by Harry

How To Put Clipart On Your Blog Lewis

how to put a clipart on your blog

1.First go on Google and search clip art

2. Click on the first result

3.Search for a image that you want

4. Click on the image you want and click on It then on edit image

5.High light over the link then copy it

6.Now go onto your class blog

7.Login on your account

8. Add a new post at the top of your screen

9.Right click then paste

10. Then go on visual.




complete a google search for wp clipart.

. select first result

. search image

. find the image you like

. click on it

. click edit image

. copy address

. go onto class blog

. login

. add a new post

. click on text tab then img

. paste address from number six into the box and click ok

. finally click on visual button an type any text into your post.

How to add a post on a blog



1.First go on Google search and then search WP clip art.

2. Next search for a pitcher  on it its your choice  of pitcher.

3.After that click edit image.

4.Once you copy the link  you have to put the blog on a different tab.

5.go on to text and click image.

6.Paste the the text that you highlighted  in blue.

7. And then click visual and it should  show up.

8.Write your text.

9.Finaly click post and then your done.






How To Add A Image Thats Not Copyrighted! – Elle -5/6E

How To Add A Image Thats Not Copyrighted! – Elle

Hello i am Elle and i will be showing you how to put Clip art on!

First, you go  on  This link:

Then, you go on The yellow search bar that says Search Image Then Type what you want I did a wolf

After, click on the picture you want  then Then scroll down a bit then you should see something that says Edit image

Then, you should see a link copy and paste it

Go to the Blog and then go onto text then click img

Add text if you want then Press Visual Then it comes up

I hope you found this useful!

How to add an image to the blog

1. go to google

2. Search  in the top WPCilpart

3.  Search in the yellow box what u want for example tipe in soccer

4. Click the picture wat you  want then scroll down so u can click on edit image

5. You copy the link then u copy it also you go to the blog

6.You log in as pupil56 and blogger56 also u go on post

7. then you go on text then paste in the link what you did before then your done

How To Add Clipart To The Blog

  • First,Go On google and search, WPClipart.   
  • Next,Click on the first Link you see.
  • After that,Click the yellow Box that says,SEARCH.
  • Then,Search for an image you want,it can be any image,on this website nothing is copyright!.
  • After,Click on the image and then click EDIT IMAGE.
  • Then,Copy the URL.
  • Click Text on the blog and then click IMG this is short for IMAGE,then you get rid of whats there and right> click,and paste your writing.
  • ,Then click Publish and BOOM your done.

How To add a post on a blog

kittens playing with domones

  1. First, go  on Google to type in wp clip art .
  2.  Next, click search imagers and tipe what you want on your blog.
  3.  After that ,find a picture and click edit image .
  4.  When you copy the link and go onto the blog.
  5. Go onto text and click image.
  6. Then you will see your picture.
  7. After, click Enter.
  8. after, start wrighting  your steps.
  9. Finally, click publish.