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How to upload a picture onto the blog!

How to upload a picture onto the blog

First, go to your blog and write in your new title.

Next, go to the internet and type in (wpclipart.com.)

Then, write in what you want to put on your blog post.

Later on, once you have done that you should have your picture up then do to the bottom text.

Calmly, click it twice and fast it should be blue then press copy then copy the picture.

After that, You should have a picture on your blog and then you should be all done.



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Joseph swan

Name and basic information! 

Sir Joseph Swan was born on 13st  October in Sunderland pallian hall. Unfortunately, he died on 27 May 1914.

What he was famous for?

He was famous for making light bulbs, On December 28th 1881swan’s electric lighting was used to light the stage Savoy theatre. Richard D’Oyly Carte who have previously introduced the lighting to the theatre auditorium.

Who was his rival’s    

Thomas Edison was one of Joseph swan’s rival’s also Hiram maxim.